Security on popular open source CMS in PHP

It is important to develop a website effectively if we are to fully interact with the web world. To achieve perfect results, it will necessarily build on the best development tool. One of the most recurrent at this level is php and its advantages are many and explaining its rating. Of course, it will be important to know everything about it before you can fully adopt and safety will also be at the appointment. You should know that it is the cornerstone of successful development.

Php: a recurring tool

The choice of php programmers face this tool is fully explained by its many benefits. You should know that PHP is a scripting language used specifically for the development of web applications. This tool integrates seamlessly in HTML and practicality that makes her strong. Clearly, to view HTML, it will not be necessary to use a command multitudes since php pages already contain HTML fragments. In addition, to display the latter, the php code will run exclusively on a server and send the results to clients. These will only receive this result and not the source code. In addition, it will be possible to confuse static pages with dynamic pages Php perfectly by configuring the server.

Security with php

You should know that the choice of php also comes with its enhanced security. The work will obviously secure with php and that all levels of development. This security will therefore have to act directly in the data whether from the database or submitted to users themselves to ensure the overall security of the site. In the case of php, n-tier architecture is the concept used for this security. So we expect to see three layers namely the user's browser, the server layer with php and upstairs for storing information. Also, data secure will rank in two categories ie incoming data and outgoing data. It is obvious that security as the data type will be specific in the process, but it is more specific level of security will be increased.

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How long is Ruby code ?
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