What are the orphans tags ??

In the syntactic rules of web development there are some lines that must appear in a page in one site before moving on to the next one. For this, developers already have a tactic to handle these orphaned tags. Orphaned tags are those lines of code that are isolated on one page while the rest of the lines are still in another page. These orphans affect the reading of the page as well as the appearance of it which becomes very disturbing to the readers.

But what are these orphan tags?

Orphaned tags are those words or lines that appear at the beginning of a page separated from the rest of the text that has remained on the previous page. It is in a way the inverse of widowed tags. On the contrary, widowers are lines of text left at the end of the paragraph. The concern arises at the moment when the person decides to print the page because the small texts remaining could be lost on another page thus remain invisible on the printed page. However, php programmers have a technique to manage these orphans. This is the Orphan Word Management System which consists of limiting and managing the number of lines that appear on the page to a reasonable value. For example, developers program that there will be 5 orphans, this means that at least there will be 5 lines that must be visible at the beginning of the paragraph before moving on to the next page.

Controlling orphans

When the CSS has full capacity to manage the first lines of text, its ability to manage the last lines is reduced. Many think that orphan tag management systems are just used for printing but this is not totally true. The valorization of orphan tags is also used for online column texts that often face these orphans. In php or with another language, it is always possible to find these orphans on the content of a page but it is not impossible to manage them and avoid them to the maximum so that the site looks sharper and better developed.

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