Magento is going on cloud !

The creation and management of e-commerce sites are difficult tasks it will necessarily take into account. To achieve flawless results at these levels, it will be important to use the right tools. In this framework, Magento is probably the most used recently and this perfectly reflects its many benefits. In addition, this tool has revolutionized the relatively cloud now because it will have a version of cloud.

What is magento

Remember, the magento developers use this tool to effectively manage the content of e-commerce sites. It is obvious that the development of these will also be possible with magento since it has been refined with the Zend framework. Clearly, this tool shows its effectiveness in advanced and comprehensive management of all e-commerce sites will be supported. Management will be perfect and will at all levels from the website catalogs, product until the price management. The strength of this tool lies in the fact that it is multiboutique. Clearly, it will be possible to effectively manage multiple ecommerce sites simultaneously with a single delivery platform. It will be possible to manage everything perfectly together or manage the sites one by one.

Magento and cloud

Lately, the official launch of magento enterprise cloud edition was announced. A PaaS environment for its Magento 2.0 platform is also expected. With this new version of Magento, e-tailers can taste innovation of this product. The integration will be simplified in existing systems and ongoing technological developments will be equally taken into account with this edition. The capabilities of this magento enterprise cloud significantly reduce costs as well at the level of management at the level of deployment for e-commerce companies in comparison to other e-commerce site management solutions. Clearly, this technology will be adapted to all the needs of e-commerce sites, unlike other technologies that require companies to prevail. Magento enterprise cloud edition will therefore offer all the features of modern cloud computing. We then speak of scalability, resiliency and high availability.

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