How long is Ruby code ?

The main advantage of the Ruby programming language is that it is concise. Concision makes it possible to increase the productivity of the developers, the readability of the code, and subsequently the maintenance of the latter. In Ruby, if a new developer arrives on a project, it will not take too long to take over the code.

Save time with Ruby

Save time, money and responsiveness: The developer saves a lot of time and is no longer lost in kms of lines of code. The time gained can be used to think and deploy more creativity and features on your project!
By saving time on the design of the foundations of your site, the developer can quickly show you things, features already in place. You will no longer have to wait months praying that what is being developed is suitable. Here, you can give your opinion regularly and intervene thus in many stages of development of your project. The customer-developer relationship gains in serenity, transparency and efficiency.
This flexibility in the work is ideal for the development of web applications that to be effective must be scalable. Moreover, the development of a project with Ror being shorter, it often returns cheaper to the customer.
Quality development:
The Ror framework requires developers to work "cleanly" their code. Therefore, if you want your application to be scalable, and / or re-worked by someone else, it will be easier. It will not be necessary to rewrite all the code! This ensures saving on future development costs. Moreover, the user community of this framework is constantly growing. She shares her experiences, the resolutions of problems encountered, her libraries, her projects (on Github) ...
Developers have access to a great deal of information and thus gain in efficiency, quality of work and creativity. Using RoR allows you to design faster web applications or websites and provide more smooth navigation. So save time with rubysavvy here !

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