Where to learn the code ??

PHP is a programming language for php programmers that can do all sorts of things: assess the form data sent from a browser, create personalized Web content for the browser, interact with a database, and send and receive cookies. In our php development company, we code in PHP all of the time.

"Learning the code, is to see the world differently," writes the American essayist, Douglas Rushkoff, buff cyberpunk ideology and Internet freedom, in his essay The Ten Commandments of the Internet: program or be programmed . If one subscribes to this vision, or if you simply feed a curiosity a bit motivated to computers, there are many solutions today to learn alone, online programming and the computer languages most used.

If schools are the royal road to learning how to code, the e-learning services, free and intuitive emerge.

Learning sites

They assume: to teach the basics of progressive and fun way code, through practical exercises performed directly in the web browser of the student.
Code Academy is the best known of them. It takes the user by the hand and offers a suite of interactive exercises around the Web HTML and PHP languages, or more complex Python and Ruby. The tone is intuitive and there is no need for prior knowledge. The user must execute the instructions and mobilize the lessons he has learned. An interface simulates the results of the typed code. The student is rewarded if he can exercise on a regular basis. Instead of notes, he gains points and receive trophies.
Zach Sims, the young creator of Code Academy, said he was surprised at the success of his site, praised by Barack Obama.
One of the most famous and visited sites, the Khan Academy, also offers thousands of free science courses in video (mathematics, physics, biology ...) but also in "computer science".

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