The difference inbetween Php and magneto developers

When we talk about computer development, what comes first to our mind is the programming language we are going to use. But, we must admit that there are so many programming languages ​​that we could easily get lost. But, you know that if we talk to you about all this, it is because we can help you in your choice. And, what we want to talk about right now is the difference between PHP developers and Magento developers. What we can tell you to enter the game is that the majority will focus on the use of framework because, as you probably must suspect, Magento is a framework and the PHP language is used more in addition with framework. Moreover, it already shows a difference between the two.

What do you prefer ? PHP or Magento ?

So you see that PHP is a computer language in its own right while Magento is a framework. It simply means that if you manage to master the PHP language for example, it means that you will not have much trouble using the Magento framework. It must be said that this is a real advantage that you will take on other people who are content to master the Magento framework. Of course, we can also say that focusing solely on the use of Magento will give you the advantage of knowing what are the corners and corners of this framework. In this case, we give the point quite easily to magento developers. But, to summarize the whole, it must be said that all this is a story of choice, affinities. Everything will depend on you. Nothing prevents you from testing both. And when you find the one in which you feel most at ease, you will know that you are going to turn to it. So, we are waiting for you to tell us if you are more php developers or magento developers.

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